Appointments are made telephonically. Necessary information (such as the time at which the assessment will be conducted, cost of the assessment, type of assessment) will be discussed and an appointment date and time will be set up for you.

In the case of a school wanting to make an appointment, a representative of the school will need to contact the practice by telephone, the relevant information will be given and an appointment will be set up.

The practice which is located in Little Falls has a waiting room which is perfectly designed for parents to relax, read or work whilst waiting for the child. If you prefer, there are also a variety of shopping centers located nearby.

The assessment takes place in an office adjacent to the waiting room.

After the completion of the assessment, the child will be asked to play/wait in the waiting room while the feedback is given to the parents in the office. In the case of subject choice and career guidance the child will join the feedback.

Before the assessment, very little or no personal information will be asked about the child/family in order to have the most objective opinion. It is for this reason that the assessment begins the moment the therapist meets the child. Various notes of things such as how the child parts from the parents, concentration, planning of tasks, handling of failure, etc. are made.

Personal information, such as birth history, development, sickness, trauma and other relevant information, is only asked after the assessment is completed.

The feedback will be discussed with the parents and then summed up in a written report.

Payment for the assessment is done after the feedback session with the parents. An invoice and statement will be given once the payment is received. All accounts must be settled by the patient’s account payer on the day of the assessment. It is up to the account payer to claim any amounts back from the medical aid. It is also the account payer’s responsibility to make sure that their medical aid covers the services offered by an Educational Psychologist. Payment can be made on-site using our card facilities or an EFT payment.

All assessments at schools take place in an office specially designed for such purposes.