1. Assessment of children in Afrikaans or English, ages 3 to 18 years.

The assessment includes:

Screening for possible underlying perceptual, developmental, concentration, scholastic or emotional problems.

School Readiness.

Testing for application for placement in special schools, for instance, a school for intellectually challenged or learning disabled children.

Testing to find a suitable environment for children, for instance, gifted learners, candidates for private schooling, homeschooling at a centre etc.

Application for concession for instance additional time / a “Scribe” etc.

Guidance re the right type of high school in Gr.8.

Subject choice in Gr.9.

Career guidance.

2. Identification of the correct study method.

3. Parent Guidance

4. Delivering talks and speeches at venues as well as TV and radio interviews.

5. Writing articles.

6. Courses specifically designed for parents.