The Wiborg Family

"Both Deon and I found Dr Arinas evaluation of Emily to be right on target. She had never met Emily before and had no prior knowledge of Emily's history, personality, likes, dislikes, etc. Despite that, it was clear from her feedback that she understood our little girl very well!


After she had spent time with Emily she called my husband and I in for a discussion and the feedback was amazing. She highlighted areas that we need to focus our attention on and gave us valuable insight into Emily's emotional needs and what we could do to assist her where she may need help. 


Emily is an introvert by nature and yet she chatted away to Dr Arina as if she was her very best friend which Deon and I both found surprising.


Dr Arina clearly is a natural with children and we were very pleased we had the evaluation done. She took time to answer all of our questions and was patient, very clear in her analysis and we feel that we now know we are on the right track as parents and that is a huge relief as Emily is our first and only child and as parents, you tend to second guess yourself."



- Therese Wiborg -

Emily Wiborg