1. Realities in Teaching


2. School Readiness: Then and Now


3. Challenges of being a parent in the changing world


4. Discipline and Parenting styles


5. Connection between Discipline and Auditory Abilities


6. Relationship between Sinus / Allergies, Middle Ear Infection and  

    Learning Problems


7. The dilemma of the five-year-old


8. Children with ADD / ADHD and emotional problems


9. Communicating Emotions/ Touch Therapy


10. Post-Traumatic Stress-Syndrome


11. Are we becoming immune to violence?


12. Depression, child suicide and growing violence especially amongst 



13. The changing role of Grandparents


14.  Bullies

15.  Competition in primary schools: useful or damaging?

and much more...

Speech Topics
Parent Courses

1. Am I, as parent, ready for Grade 1?


2. The transition between gr.3 and gr.4: What all the fuss is about.


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