Why Dr Arina Lanser?

Dr Arina Lanser has been practicing for more than 30 years, she has been registered with the HPCSA since 1988!

What to Expect

No problem! Here is everything you need to know about your first appointment.

What the practice offers

A comprehensive list of everything that is being offered at the practice – from assessments to guidance, talks, courses and much more.

Dr Arina Lanser in the Media

Have a look at the radio interviews and articles Dr Arina Lanser has been featured in.

Speeches and Parent Courses

A comprehensive list of speech topics offered by the practice. 

We also offer courses specifically designed for parents. 

Tests and Guidance

General assessments for children ages 3 – 18
School Readiness
Choice of correct type of high school in Gr. 7
Gr. 9 Subject Choice
Career Choice Guidance
Application for Concession