Dr Arina Lanser




Leer, Ontwikkel, Groei!
Elske van Wyk

Die van Wyk Familie

"I think the evaluation was excellent. I really felt I could verbalise my fears and worries, as well as proudness with Arina. 


She is also very good with the little ones and I found it quite amazing that Elske opened up so easily since she normally loses her tongue when we are with strangers!


She is very receiving and really has a gift to explain something to such an extent that it really is easy for me to understand. She is very patient!


The whole evaluation put me in a spot where I can understand my child better and feel I will be able to deal better with certain circumstances in future. It is also nice to hear that some things we do right, it gives me as a parent more confidence in myself." 


- Lindie Van Wyk -



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Reg. Health Professions Council of South-Africa 

Dr Arina Lanser


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